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Anti social behaviour

Types of anti social behaviour

This list is not exhaustive but includes types reported to the parish council, District Council and the police over recent months.

  • Noise nuisance - loud music, shouting - if between 11pm and 7am it is classed as statutory noise nuisance. Might also include neighbour disputes
  • Foul language and verbal abuse - often linked to noise nuisance
  • Drug and alcohol abuse - not necessarily in public spaces
  • Vandalism
  • Criminal behaviour - cars speeding
  • Threatening behaviour
  • Graffiti

Anti social behaviour (ASB) has been defined as "acting in a manner that caused, or was likely to cause, harassment, alarm, or distress to one or more persons not of the same household as [the defendant]."

Reporting anti social behaviour

You should contact Leicestershire Police on 101 for non-urgent enquiries or 999 in an emergency. Leicestershire Police also take and investigate online reports via

When you call to report anti-social behaviour: Be Prepared.

You may go online or use the telephone to report ASB, but either way will probably be asked the following questions so have your answers ready:

  • What is being done?
  • Who is doing it?
  • When did it happen (date and time)?
  • Is this the first instance? If not, how often has it happened?

Community Trigger

A Community Trigger is a process which gives victims and communities the right to request a review of an ongoing anti-social behaviour or hate incident that you believe has not been adequately dealt with.

It is designed to ensure that the police, district council and other relevant organisations work together to try and resolve any complaints about anti-social behaviour by talking about the problem, sharing information and using resources to try to reach an agreeable outcome.

A request to activate a Community Trigger can be made if, within the last six months:

  • You (as an individual) have complained to the Council, Police or a Registered Housing Provider (social landlord) about three separate incidents of anti-social behaviour within your area, or
  • Three individuals in your local community have complained separately to the Council, Police or Registered Housing Provider (social landlord) about the same incident of anti-social behaviour, or
  • You have been a victim of a hate incident,


  • You are dissatisfied with the response from agencies.

You can download a Community Trigger Report form here

Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act (2014)

Harborough District Council are committed to tackling Anti Social Behaviour and, along with professionals such as the Police, other Local Authorities, and Housing Providers, use this Act to manage reports of such behaviour. The Home Office maintains that the reforms through this Act which have amended and revoked numerous Anti Social Behaviour legislation are "designed to put victims at the heart of the response to Anti Social Behaviour, and give professionals the flexibility they need to deal with any given situation".