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New Homes Bonus Grants 2015

Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council New Homes Bonus Grants 2015

Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council received several bids for grants, with a maximum available per bid of £5,000, from an amount of monies that the parish received via the New Homes Bonus Scheme, and met on7th April 2015 to decide the amounts to be awarded.

The 5 applicants, who submitted bids and were notified in April of the outcome that they had received all or part of their bid, were:

  • Kibworth Scout and Guide Building Management Committee
  • Kibworth Allotment Society
  • Kibworth Village Hall
  • 3rd Kibworth Guides
  • Kibworth Centenary Youth Brass

Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council followed up on these grants in early 2016 by asking each of the recipients to write a brief report explaining how the money had been used. At their May meeting, the Parish Council agreed that all the reports demonstrated that the money had been spent in line with the original objectives and was glad the grants had helped these organisations.

Although the parish council hopes to be able to repeat this exercise, there are a number of other key council projects that may require some or all of the remaining New Homes Bonus money.

However, if further grant award funds can be identified, then we will publicise the matter in the usual way in the Kibworth & District Chronicle, on the website and through social media.

Other Grants

Each year this Council considers a limited number of grants under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972.

The annual allowance is based on an amount per local elector and increases in line with the Retail Prices Index. The limit from 1st April 2016 is £7.42 per head.

The Council policy on small community grants policy is available from the Clerk upon request.

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