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Kibworth Cemetery

After the possibility of extending the graveyard at St. Wilfrids Church was rejected in 1891, a meeting of rate-payers was held and seven were elected to serve as members of a Burial Board. The Board looked at several sites with the intention of buying the most suitable for use as a joint burial ground for the two parishes. In July 1892 they entered negotiations with Merton College and 4 acres, 3 roods and 28 perches of the current site was purchased in May 1893. The first phase of the cemetery was consecrated in June 1893 and the first burial took place in August 1893 being Florence May Kimbell aged 4 years.

The Lychgate was completed by Edward Mason between July and October 1894.

In February 1895 a wooden bier was presented to the Burial Board by Mr Haymes. This beautifully crafted 'trolley', pulled by the village Sexton, carried the coffin from the deceased's house to the cemetery passing through the lychgate. The bier is currently housed in the lychgate.

Recently the Lychgate has been renovated and is once more a beautiful building, well worth a look. The pathways have also recently been upgraded making access much easier. An area has been reserved for natural burials. This area will remain free from headstones and only biodegradable coffins and caskets will be allowed. The Committee is currently investigating the planting and maintenance of a meadow.

It is regretted that due to the shortage of space only Kibworth residents are allowed to be buried at the cemetery.

The old records for the cemetery are kept at Wigston Record Office and more recent cemetery records are kept with the Clerk - for contact details see here.

For information on lychgates follow the link:

Associated Publications Available

Kibworth History Society have two publications available relating to the cemetery: Burials at the Kibworth Cemetery 1893-2000 by George Weston and the recently completed Memorial Inscriptions at Kibworth Cemetery. Please contact the History Society for further information at:

Natural Burial Area

Kibworth Joint Burial Board has a Natural Burial Area. For further information, please see our Policy on Natural Burials which was adopted in August 2016.

Cemetery Fees

Current cemetery fees are listed below.