Representing and promoting the interests and the well-being of the parish

Joint Boards

Joint Boards

Two important local community services are shared and operated in partnership with Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council. These are the public recreational facilities and Kibworth Cemetery which are managed by Kibworth Joint Recreation Board and Kibworth Joint Burial Board respectively (called Boards as from 1 April 2020). Representatives from each Parish Council are elected annually. The clerk for Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council is responsible for the Joint Recreation Board, and the clerk for Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council is responsible for the Joint Burial Board..

Before 1 April 2020, both Boards prepared annual budgets which were submitted to Kibworth Parish Councils for approval. The financial requirements are proportioned according to the numbers on the respective current Parish Electoral Rolls. The Kibworth Beauchamp:Kibworth Harcourt residential ratio is presently 70%:30% (November 2019). Prior to 1 April 2020, the accounts of both Boards were subject to annual audit in the same way as those of the Parish Councils.

From April 2020, all accounts are the responsibility of the two parish councils - Joint Burial Board comes under Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council, and Joint Recreation Board comes under Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council.

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