Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council

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Clerk: Sara Barrett
The office, c/o Kibworth
Grammar School Hall, School
Road, Kibworth Beauchamp
Leicestershire LE8 0EW

Kibworth Joint Burial Board

Clerk - Sara Barrett

Telephone: 07519 003206 Email:

Kibworth Joint Burial Board has recently undertaken a significant memorial safety inspection at the cemetery. This is in order to ensure the safety of those using and working at the cemetery..

The Joint Burial Board was formed in 1892 and currently comprises five members, being three Councillors from Kibworth Beauchamp and two from Kibworth Harcourt.

The JBB meets bi-monthly to approve memorials that are put forward and to recommend any expenditure for the upkeep of the ground, as well as dealing with any matters that may arise.

Following new audit regulations, both parish councils were advised in 2017 that joint committees holding ban accounts, assets and employing separate clerks, were no longer permitted. Following elections in May 2019, processes were set in motion to draw up a Memorandum of Understanding in 2019 that set about moving all assets, bank accounts for joint burials to be the responsibility of Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council, but with representatives of Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council helping to make decisions about joint recreation. The new arrangements took effect on 1 April 2020 and the name of the committee changed to the Kibworth Joint Burial Board.

The Committee comprises of representatives from Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council (currently Councillors Ian Harrison, chairman; Andrew Munro and Caroline Pitcher), and from Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council (Councillors Ted Masters and John Tillotson). Some 5 or 6 meetings are held each year in Kibworth Grammar School Hall with additional meetings called if necessary. Recommendations from meetings will be ratified at the following Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council public meeting and the joint work summarised at both parish council meetings.

The old records for the cemetery are kept at Wigston Record Office and more recent records are kept with the Parish Clerk.

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