Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council

Serving the people of Kibworth Harcourt

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Clerk: Sara Barrett
The office, c/o Kibworth
Grammar School Hall, School
Road, Kibworth Beauchamp
Leicestershire LE8 0EW

Kibworth Joint Recreation Committee Terms of Reference


1. The Committee is empowered to manage and maintain the recreation areas on behalf of both Parish Councils.

2. The Committee will put forward proposals for improvements and development and any other capital expenditure for the agreement of the Parish Councils when requesting funding for the following financial year.

3. If additional or alternative capital expenditure is deemed necessary or desirable this should be referred back to the Parish Councils for their approval.

4. Proposals for significant change to a recreational area must have the approval of the landowner, or both Parish Councils in the case of Warwick Road.

5. Proposals put the the landowner/lessee that will affect any recreational ara should be referred to the Joint Recreation Committee for an opinion. As the body charged with having an overview of the recreational facilities in the parishes the Committee should be able to give a broader perspective on the proposal.

6. Any developments proposed should follow the policies of the landowner or joint lessees including any restrictions that they may wish to impose.

7. The Joint Recreation Committee should regularly produce outline future plans for the short, medium and long term so that all Parish Councillors are aware of the overall direction proposed. These plans to be amended as necessary.