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The Kibworth Joint Recreation Committee was formed in 1982 by both Kibworth Parish Councils in order to administer the public recreation facilities in Kibworth. Today the Committee manages and maintains the recreation grounds at Warwick Road and Smeeton Road, and the Play Areas at Rookery Close and Larkswood. These areas are owned by one or other of the two Parish Councils, except for the Warwick Road ground which is now owned by both parish councils (November 2015) after being purchased using s106 funding. It used to be on a joint lease from Kibworth High School Foundation. Leicestershire County Council was the Trustee and acted as landlord in the leasing arrangements.

The Committee comprises of representatives from Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council (currently Councillors Barbara Freestone (Chair), and Sue Graves) and from Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council. Nine scheduled meetings are held each year in Kibworth Community Centre with additional meetings called if necessary. Dates and agenda are posted on the notice boards in Jubilee Green, New Road and Kibworth Meadows. Approved meeting minutes are available for inspection in Kibworth Library and in the Minutes Archive on this website. Please click here to view Kibworth Joint Recreation Committee's Terms of Reference.

Warwick Road Recreation Ground: On Wednesday 18 November 2015, the Chairs of the two Kibworth parish councils (Chris Wood for KBPC and Kevin Feltham for KHPC) signed documents that transferred the ownership of the historic Warwick Road Recreation Ground to the people of both parishes forever. This historic event followed many years of discussions with Leicestershire County Council, and more than a year of detailed negotiations. The transaction has been managed by the Kibworth Joint Recreation Committee which is made up of councillors from Kibworth Beauchamp and Kibworth Harcourt, and which looks after not only the Warwick Road land, but also Smeeton Road, Rookery Close and Larkswood. It means that the future of the land, how it is used and how it is looked after is now for the people of the two Kibworth villages to decide. It will continue to be managed by the Kibworth Joint Recreation Committee.

Allotments: Kibworth Joint Recreation Committee has acquired land and converted it into sixty community allotment plots, all of which are now bearing fruit. For more information please click here.

Enquiries concerning JRC responsibilities or activities should normally be made to the Clerk, email

Community Consultation on Recreation Areas

We are interested to hear your views regarding the recreation areas within the Kibworth Harcourt and Kibworth Beauchamp Parishes. We would like to know what your thoughts and views are to help us determine future policy and provision.

Please use the form below to register your views.

Consultation will remain open until 15th December 2019

This consultation mirrors a similar survey recently conducted specifically asking our young people for their views about living in Kibworth and possible new uses of the former skate park within Warwick Road Recreation Area

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Community Consultation Recreation Areas

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Do you think the equipment provided is satisfactory?

Please use the space to give us your views regarding equipment, tell us if you would like to see equipment replaced/upgraded, removed, or added to.

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Do you think provision is satisfactory or not? Think about the provision of litter bins, dog waste bins, benches, open spaces/natural environment and ball game areas

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Now we would like your views on what new purpose we can use the former skate park area for

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