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Clerk: Sara Barrett
The office, c/o Kibworth
Grammar School Hall, School
Road, Kibworth Beauchamp
Leicestershire LE8 0EW

BT Phone Box makeover

BT Phone Box makeover

British Telecom responded rapidly to the parish council request this week to mend a broken window on this payphone box on Albert Street. And not only was the window repaired on this Grade 2 listed building, but the phone box has been re-painted in the usual red colour, but also the crown motif has been painted gold.

The payphone inside the phone box is still working, although this is about the last in this area in this type of red phone box, as most others have either been removed or bought by the communities and turned into mini-libraries or a location for a defibrillator.

Posted: Fri, 05 Jul 2019 10:20 by Kevin

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