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Kibworths Play Areas re-opened

Kibworths Play Areas re-opened

Since Saturday 4th July our play areas (Jubilee Green, Polwell Road, Smeeton Road Rec) have re-opened in accordance with the government guidelines. Warwick Park play area has been having new fencing, gates and benches fitted and also re-opened on Thursday 9th July.

When visiting them please consider the following safety measures which are a selection taken from the government guidance document:

1. To avoid overcrowding, only enter the play area if it is not already busy. When your child has finished pleased leave the fenced-off area so that others can play.

2. Only one family member should accompany the child.

3. Consider wiping down areas that are touched with hands before and after you use them.

4. Bring hand sanitiser gel or wipes and use regularly, particularly at the beginning and end of play, for 20 seconds.

5. Do not let children touch their mouths to the equipment or the hands to their mouths.

6. Adhere to social distancing rules.


Posted: Sat, 04 Jul 2020 06:13 by Kevin

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