Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council

Serving the people of Kibworth Harcourt

Village Sign

Clerk: Sara Barrett
The office, c/o Kibworth
Grammar School Hall, School
Road, Kibworth Beauchamp
Leicestershire LE8 0EW

Cllr Ted Masters

Cllr Ted Masters

Cllr Masters was elected recently in December 2017. He has lived in Kibworth Harcourt since 2015 with his wife. His family have lived here for 25 years. Ted has had previous experience in local government. Ted used to have a successful career in preparing officers for examinations relevant to their future council roles.

Ted is very interested in the Heritage of Kibworth and has seen many changes take place, he is keen to ensure that the Heritage is protected for the future.

Ted is also on the joint burial committee.